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Prepare To Speak is an Online Course for Subject Matter Experts and Senior Level Professionals specially designed to help YOU prepare for any speaking engagement and show up with super confidence.

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My name is Dr. Adaoma Prisca Ezinwo, and I just finished a wonderful training session on Public Speaking and MC training with Joyce Daniels. I have learned to be the best version of myself, to be intentional, and to Prepare! Prepare!! Prepare!!! Always before going for any function. I just want to say it has been a wonderful experience, and THANK YOU SO MUCH JOYCE DANIELS for this wonderful experience.

Dr. Adaoma Prisca Ezinwo

I would say that my expectations have been exceeded far and beyond. I have learnt how to overcome the negative self-talk, how to structure my talk, how to understand my audience, and how to open and close, I mean, it has been an enlightening session for me. I would say that Joyce is a really good, probably one of the best public speakers I have met. I mean, it has been really good. Thank you.

Walter Aloh

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You see colleagues who are not as knowledgeable as you make confident presentations and you wonder, ‘why not me?’

  • Your job requires now that you speak more before audiences within and outside your organisation.

  • You are an expert in your field, and you constantly receive invitations to participate in or moderate panel discussions.

  • You are a mid to senior level professional who needs and wants to share knowledge.

  • You are a thought leader, and you believe you have a message to a particular audience.

  • You are ready to multiply your influence and income via speaking.


  • You don’t know where and how to start preparing your speech/talk/presentation.

  • You’re uncomfortable with putting yourself out there before audiences.

  • You are afraid you will ramble on and miss making your point succinctly.

  • You struggle to clearly articulate your message 

  • You are scared of forgetting your lines, or your train of thought while speaking, especially because it has happened before. 

  • You simply lack confidence and clarity about what you know and are willing to share. 

  • You have had a poor speaking experience in the past and you are yet to recover from the embarrassment you felt.

  • You worry about how to connect with audiences.

  • You may not mind presenting, but you dread question and answer sessions

Maybe you have tried doing it yourself, or you have read books and attended different programmes on how to overcome this block, but it’s still not working, and now you are wondering how to continue. 

So you wonder…

– How do I know my audience and what they expect of me? 

– How do I choose my words, openings, closings, visual aid, and clothing to connect with my audience?

– How do I overcome my fear of speaking?

– What do I do when I am given only a short time to prepare, even as short as 5 minutes?


Prepare To Speak is 3-week 3-step framework distilled into an Online Course that is geared towards teaching you how to improve your speaking skills, increase your earnings and income, gain relevance as a Subject Matter Expert and Senior Level Professional by building your confidence and increasing your clarity level. 

It’s time for you to rise above that obstacle and become a sought after Executive and Professional in your Career.

Imagine This…


Joyce Daniels

Hello! I am Joyce Daniels. 

For over 15 years, I have been a quintessential Master of Ceremonies, Public Speaker, Presentation Skills Coach, Author, and Politician. I have trained over 1,000 Masters of Ceremonies on how to improve their craft. I have also trained over 12,000 individuals on Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, and Courage & Confidence, both online, and physically. 

As a Thought Leader in my field, I believe it is my duty to teach other Subject Matter Expert and Senior Level Professionals like myself on how to improve in their careers by gaining clarity & confidence. 

Now, I want to help YOU achieve this and much more!

This course is for you if you are a Subject Matter Expert and Senior Level Professional who:
  • Feels it is time to speak up.

  • Feels it’s time to start showing up powerfully and confidently, becoming more seen and heard considering the wealth of experience (at least 5 years) and expertise that you have. 

  • Has expertise in sector-specific areas and wants to gain more relevance/recognition in that field through speaking.

  • Has experience and competency in your field and think it is time to 10X your speaking.

  • Is Ready To Put In The Work to get the desired results.

This will include committing to attending every session of the course, attempting all assignments as well as implementing lessons learnt.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are a fresh graduate or newly started in your career.


  • Your job does not require you to speak more, or you are not very interested in speaking more. 

  • You aren’t ready to put into immediate practice everything you will learn during the program.

  • You have no desire to become a thought leader in your field.


  • You are not looking to add value to others through your expertise and experience.


  • You are comfortable being on the sidelines and behind the scenes.

No more wondering how to structure your message…

No more hiding in the shadows and being passed over for opportunities…

No more being unsure about what to say during meetings…

No more being confused about what to do when tech fails during your presentation… 

No more wondering how to speak IMPROMPTU…

No more dodging speaking invitations when they come…

No more feeling inadequate and unsure about how  to SPEAK…

It’s time to speak with confidence and clarity!


Here's What You Will Learn

in the Prepare To Speak Online Course:

Step 1

Preparing The Winning Mindset for Speaking.

Step 2

Preparing Your Presentation Structure for Optimum Thought Flow and Audience Engagement

Step 3

Preparing Your Value Proposition

In 4 weeks we will work together to:
  • Overcome the mental blocks that have held you back from speaking as you should.

  • Prepare you for any and every audience you will encounter.

  • Prepare you to speak IMPROMPTU every time you are called to speak.

  • Prepare your powerful introduction which reflects your value and brand, and makes you unforgettable.

  • Prepare you to speak confidently at meetings & events, and own the room.

  • Prepare you to moderate meetings and panels with ease, insight and authority.

  • Prepare you to remember your points when speaking.

  • Prepare you to speak boldly and  comfortably and confidently, in your own voice, expressing and showcasing your professional competence and experience.

  • Assign specific tasks to be executed each week for quick wins.
But that's not all…
  • A Vault of Video lessons.

  • One weekly 2-hour implementation group coaching call.

  • Weekly implementation challenges for the WIN.

  • Personalised speaking strategy.

  • The 5-Minute Preparation Blueprint for impromptu speaking.

  • Comprehensive speaking checklist.

  • The Private LinkedIn Community – where you can connect and network with valuable people on the same journey.

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Four 2-Hour Calls with Joyce Daniels
Value: $3,875
Video Lessons
Value: $1,600
Personalised Speaking
Value: $1,275
Value: $1,000
Total Value: $7,750
Your Investment:

We Have 3 Payment Packages

- Online Course Only

Choose the online course ONLY and get immediate access, as well as the Comprehensive Speaking Checklist and the 5-minute Preparation Blueprint for Impromptu Speaking.

- Online Course + Group Coaching Program

Choose the GROUP Coaching Option and get access to Online Course, 4 2-Hour Group Coaching Sessions and all features mentioned above.

- All VIP Features Only for YOU
  • Prepare for specific speaking engagements
  • Review of speaking engagements with expert ‘Feed-forward’
  • Privacy
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